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Position Title:Chief Building Maintenance Engineer
Location:University Area
City/State:Charlotte / NC
Email resume to:lhcareers@lincolnharris.com
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Position Description:
***This is a regular Sunday through Thursday position.***

Provide day to day supervision for the Facilities engineering functions. The Chief Engineer is responsible for the operation, maintenance, and repair of both critical and non-critical infrastructure and the environments in which they reside.

Primarily responsible for ensuring the safe, efficient, and effective operations of all building systems including but not limited to proactive scheduling of personnel and activities in a manner that provides continuous support to the buildings tenants and effective maintenance to building systems as well as coordination and oversight of contracted construction and maintenance activities.

In conjunction with the Facility Manager, oversee the maintenance and continuous operation of both critical and non-critical infrastructure and environments including: fire/life safety systems, mechanical systems (AHU, Chillers), electrical systems (UPS, generators, and primary switch gear), etc.

Identify the maintenance objectives of the facility and incorporate those objectives into a documented plan that includes preventive, predictive, and reactive maintenance procedures.

Assist with directing the performance of employees and contracted maintenance work as needed. Specific tasks include but are not limited to: ensuring the timely performance of maintenance contract work, overseeing the fulfillment of equipment warranty obligations by the installer, and obtaining equipment manuals and drawings from the installers/contractors.

Supervise, direct, and perform maintenance on a variety of complex electrical distribution systems (UPS, Static Switching Equipment, Open Transition ATS Systems, Power Quality Monitoring Equipment, etc.), HVAC equipment operations (Chill Water Loop Distributions, Condenser Water Distributions, In-Row High Density Systems, Controls, etc.).

Supervise, perform and implement the preventative maintenance programs. Specific duties include but are not limited to: scheduling of preventative maintenance with a minimum disruption of critical utility services delivery; performing and/or delegating preventative maintenance tasks to the appropriately qualified O&M service provider; ordering parts and equipment required for repair, maintenance and installation of new equipment; and maintaining inventory.

Assist with directing the performance of contracted maintenance work as needed. Specific tasks include but are not limited to: insuring the timely performance of maintenance contract work, overseeing the fulfillment of equipment warrantee obligations by the installer, securing equipment manuals and drawings from the installers/contractors; and insuring that all vendors providing services have up to date documentation.

Provide training and supervision aimed at expanding the capabilities of the operations staff.

Identify safety hazards within the facilities; incorporate the remediation of such hazards into the operation activities of the team to ensure that the building’s staff and occupants work in a safe environment.

Implement, administer, and manage safety training program.

Ensure that compliance of all regulatory laws and guidelines are met as they relate to the operation of the building’s infrastructure in cooperation with the Director of Compliance and/or his designee; alert management of facility discrepancies.

Assist in the development of a capital plan which would include planning for infrastructure upgrades, equipment replacements, and building modifications to ensure the building’s future capabilities are maintained.

Ensure that major projects performed at the building are properly planned, executed, and closed out in accordance Federal, State, and local requirements.

Maintain all infrastructure and compliance documentation for the building including up-to-date building drawings and single-lines as well as documentation mandated for the purpose of maintaining regulatory compliance with Federal, State, or local law.

Handle advance training and notification to all contractors so that they are informed and knowledgeable with respect to the building’s critical functions and the work they are to perform, including an incident contact response list.

Understand and comply with emergency escalation procedures.

Perform additional job duties as requested.
Position Requirements:
High School diploma or GED equivalent.

5+ years experience in facility engineering as well as supervisory experience.

Previous data center facility operations in a critical infrastructure environment that includes but is not limited to redundant electrical and mechanical systems, UPS systems of at least 2400kVA, UPS batteries, back up generation, automated system controls, open transition load switching, Automatic Transfer Switches, Static Transfer Switches, and chilled water systems.

Excellent interpersonal and communication skills; ability to communicate well verbally and in writing.

Proven ability to successfully lead a team.

Experience with preparation of, and adherence to, annual budgets

Proven record of providing excellent customer service.

Proficient in basic computer applications and software such as MS Office applications.

Familiar with design software such as CADD; ability to read, comprehend, and offer technical advice on system plans/drawings where needed.

Proficient at technical writing to support the team in the delivery of such services.
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