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Lincoln Harris & Grubb Ventures Developing Glenwood Place in Raleigh
  Posted 12-17-14
Lincoln Harris and Grubb Ventures are teaming up to create a vibrant mixed-use community at Glenwood Place in Raleigh, North Carolina. The team’s vision is to transform one of Raleigh’s most prominent gateways into an exceptional “live, work, play” neighborhood that complements its surroundings, helps prevent sprawl and brings high-quality jobs to the area.

The new Glenwood Place will replace a generic eight-building office park, built in the 70s, with a vibrant development that epitomizes “smart growth.” Currently, the plan includes suitably scaled shops, restaurants, offices, a full-service hotel and luxury residential units. The majority of the buildings will be four to five stories. Three buildings are planned to be in the 10- to 12-story range, but will be located away from residents and near Glenwood Avenue and the Raleigh Beltline.

“With the greater Raleigh region expected to double by 2025, Glenwood Place will provide a home for the kind of high-growth, high-wage companies the city wants to welcome and needs more site options to attract,” said David Connor, senior vice president of Lincoln Harris’ Raleigh office.

Grubb Ventures and Lincoln Harris are seeking a rezoning of Glenwood Place based on the goals set out in the City of Raleigh’s 2030 Comprehensive Plan.

“Our team is dedicated to preventing sprawl by making the highest and best reuse of existing office and commercial sites,” said R. Gordon Grubb, founder of Grubb Ventures. “We are equally committed to creating outstanding places to live that adhere to the integrity of the neighborhoods around us. We are working with the City of Raleigh to rezone Glenwood Place in a way that respects our neighbors, and uses sustainable principles to promote the health, safety and welfare of Raleigh’s citizens.”

The plan includes a $2 million investment in recommended roadway and signal improvements, including lanes leading to and from the Raleigh Beltline. These improvements will mitigate additional traffic going to and from Glenwood Place, and support smooth traffic flows. Additionally, the developers are enhancing accommodations for transit riders, bicycle riders and pedestrians.

“As a developer who has lived in Raleigh for decades, we want the people who live in our apartments, work at our businesses and frequent our storefronts to come and go with relative ease, and we want the same for our neighbors,” Grubb added. “The mix of uses proposed at Glenwood Place means that traffic arriving and departing the site will be spread across the course of the day, rather than focused exclusively at rush hours.”

Grubb Ventures and Lincoln Harris have both developed high-profile projects throughout the state. Grubb Ventures developed Gardens on Glenwood Condominiums and the 401 Oberlin apartments, both located in Raleigh. Lincoln Harris created Piedmont Town Center, a mixed-use development, and Phillips Place, a pioneer in the lifestyle center concept, both located in Charlotte, North Carolina.
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