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Charlotte (Office)
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Campbell Walker
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Managing your own real estate can be a daunting task. From general administration to accounting and finance to portfolio reporting, transaction tracking and timeline management - in today's market you need a team of experts that is committed to your best interests. You need Lincoln Harris.

We view brokerage services as a process, not just a transaction. Our approach always begins by listening. Once we have a true understanding of our client's objectives, we can act as partners, providing expert counsel.

Through our client-focused approach, we reduce your time and resources
commitment, help lower occupancy costs and ensure greater flexibility for
growth. Lincoln Harris has extensive experience in asset evaluation and
packaging and marketing both land and buildings. We are adept at
identifying potential purchasers of real estate and we maintain ongoing
relationships with institutions, investors and end-users. By objectively
quantifying and qualifying all the alternatives in the marketplace, we
help clients make informed decisions. We become your ideal partners
in real estate.

We offer the following commercial brokerage services:
- Tenant Representation
- Landlord Representation
- Investment Sales



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